Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yes, I am still here......I have been working hard for this local craft fair and thinking about smaller inexpensive things to bring as well...... So I have been working on Monster minis and keychains!   Here is a pic.....

Also working on keychains...This one is my favorite!!!
So, needless to saw...I will be working hard again tonight...right after I make a nice iced coffee to get me through this rainy day!  =)


  1. COOOOL!! How on earth do you write on those pics?? I've never seen that before!!!!
    Love your mini dollies.....oh, and if it makes you feel any better, it's raining on this side of the world too.... ;-)

  2. Thank you!
    Don't you love it? It is so easy...Microsoft paint...should be on your computer! Look for it! =)
    The sun should be shining for tomorrow then a few more rainy days.....good dolly making weather, though! =)

  3. Definately good dolly making weather...or dress making which is what I have been doing ;-)
    I just tried to do that with MS paint and made a huge mess!! Think I'll leave it to the more computer doodling savvy...
    Take care,
    Kris ;-)